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Get Model Approval for importing goods

If you’re importing weights and measuring instrument, you need to have the model approval from the Legal Metrology Department. Registrationwala, through its vastly experienced experts, provides you  model approval certificate for imported goods.

What is model approval for imported goods?

Every weight or measuring instrument used in India has to be on par with the Legal metrology standards. In legal terms, they have to compliance with the section 22 of the Legal metrology Act, 2009. In the act, it’s described that such instruments need prior model approval before they can be put on sale.

The power to provide the said approval lies with Central government vide it’s Legal metrology Department. It’s under the support of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution. It’s office lies only in Delhi.

So, to get the gist, you need the model approval for weighing scale before getting the license.

As per the rules there are two ways to get model approval for imported goods

1. Model Approval through testing

As per the provision of this method of model approval, it’s lab prescribed by the Director of Legal Metrology Department that conducts test on the model. As such, the applicant is required to pay the model approval fees.

After the model is sent to the department, it’s kept there for a specific period of time. After that period, the product (model) is sent to the director only after it meets the required standards of testing. It’s then that the Director issues the model approval certificate to the applicant.

As for who conducts the testing, it’s the responsibility of the Regional reference standard laboratory (RRSL’s). As of right now, there are 8 labs active all over India. Another thing to keep in mind that one is not allowed to compromise by getting to a private lab, for no private lab has been given the authority to test the imported models.


2. Model approval without testing:

While the first provision made it mandatory to test the model, the second provision of section 23 says that if the prescribed authority finds the model of any weight and measuring instrument satisfactory as per the standards of the Legal metrology, and that product has already gotten approval from country that’s outside India, than the authority can grant it model approval without testing.

In a sense, the model approval is given by the director in this case on the basis of prior approval that the product already has from another country

Registrationwala can assist you in getting model approval

Registrationwala, through the virtue of it’s connections that it has established, and the skills and experience it currently possesses, can get you the model approval on time.  Our experts:

  1. Take up the task to perform all the obligatory formalities
  2. Ensure that the Legal metrology expedites the model approval process.
  3. And, in doing so, deliver you the model approval on time.

So, if you’re looking for model approval for your imported weights and measuring instrument, consult with our experts.

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