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Get Legal metrology certificate for weights and measures

Looking for import, manufacture or packing registration for weighing machines and thermometers, get the Legal Metrology registration. Registrationwala provides legal metrology certification services not just in one city or state, but the whole country.

What is legal metrology Registration for weights and measures

For the importers, manufacturers or packers of weighing and measuring products like weight machines and thermometers, it’s mandatory to obtain registration from the Department of Legal metrology.

Services for Legal Metrology Registration for weights and measures

For the legal metrology certificate for products used to measure weights and other dimensions, following are the registrations that are necessary for you to get:

  • Approval for the Model: Before doing any kind of business related to weights and measuring products, it’s important to get the approval of the Department of Legal Metrology. Their approval hinges on the actual parameters of your product and that’s why, you have to be compliant to the rules of Legal metrology if you’re to get the license.
  • Packaged Commodity Registration: As per the Rule 27 of Packaged Commodities Rules, 2011, those who want to part of the packaging industry for the weighing and measuring products, have to obtain the package commodity registration.
  • Import license: Only after the model is approved of, one can import the products. However, in order to do that, you need obtain the second level of import license that only a legal Metrology department can provide.
  • Dealership License: If the importer is importing the product and dealer is selling the product with the same name, the latter has to obtain the Dealership License from the Legal metrology Department.
  • Product Stamping: if an individual has access of weight and measuring tools for personal uses that consist of either transaction or product, the product has to be stamped by the Legal metrology department first.

How can we assist you?

Unlike the most modern business registration process, the Legal metrology registration of weights and measures still requires an offline and an online process. Our experts possess a deep understanding of both of them. They pool their resources to:

  • Fill your application.
  • Collect the sample of your product.
  • Submit the application and associated documents to the Department.
  • Conduct a thorough follow up to check up on the progress of the application.

Throughout the thick and thin of application filing process, our experts will stand with you. Any objections will be met with instantaneous response from our end, and when the registration process is complete, you’ll be informed promptly.

So, reach out to us for Legal metrology certificate for weights and measures.

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