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Nano Spray Gun


The supercharged multi-stage heat exchange type steam generating device utilizes a principle of generating more than 1 of super heated steam to super heat liquid water from saturated steam into a single water molecule. The water molecule has a diameter of about 0.26 nm.
The water molecule with latent heat energy can smoothly penetrate the hair scales with a of about 1 nm.
When entering the hair, It releases latent heat, and the scales are opened to reach the fiber bundle Inside the hair.
The Interstitial substance deepens the water and promotes the penetration of nutrients or dyeing chemicals to repair the hair and promote the chemical reaction of the drug and shorten the operation time.

Precautions: When using this machine, It is necessary to strictly use the purified water or distilled water after dechlorination to avoid the residual chlorine in the tap water: chloroform, etc, entering the human body through breathing will poison the respiratory tract and skin mucosa. Contact with hair and skin will cause the hair to break dry and split. Compact And Portable: The compact body allows you to feel comfortable with the ergonomic design of the handle anywhere, Easy to carry, can be used in homes and beauty salons.



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