Rail Freight

Our Airfreight forwarding service is the best Air freight forwarder in China. we have Vast experience in railway shipping, especially large out of gauge goods.

Rail Freight Features

  • Professional team specialized in railway shipments.
  • Assistance in producing all the necessary documentation.
  • Guidance on loading and reinforcing the goods in the container balance, based on the requirements from the railway company.
  • The best solutions based on the project.
  • Fast quotation.

Different Types of Rail Freight we provide.

Full Container Load (FCL)Railway Shipping from China

Now the railway shipping route is very mature from China to Europe, Russia and Central Asia, The transit time is between by sea and by air. Due to strict policy to safe the goods in loading station, unbalance loading is very important, Xport has a professional team to guide shipper how to load the shipping goods in the container well, we also can load the shipment goods if the shipper can not do it.

Less Than Container Load(LCL) Railway Shipping from China

For LCL shipment goods, it means the goods cannot fill a whole container, it’s  better to choose railway shipping service for LCL shipment goods, one reason is to save transit time, another is to save cost, actually sometimes the total cost is cheaper by railway than by sea because of high charge for LCL in destination port.

Railway Carriage

For some huge quantity shipping goods for your project, you’d better use railway carriage to ship the goods, it can save cost compare to use container, like firebrick, steel pipes, construction material, etc. Bansar team also has rich experience to handle the shipping goods by railway carriage.

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