Air Freight

Our Airfreight forwarding service is the best Air freight forwarder in China. we allow our customers to a great facility. We have competitive air freight price based on much BSA(blocked space agreement).

Air Freight Features We Provide

  • Guarantee the cargo space even in the peak season
  • Choose the most suitable airport based on your supplier’s factory and goods commodity
  • Pick up service in any city
  • Hazardous goods shipping and fresh goods shipping
  • Rich experience for large size goods shipping

Different Types of Air Freight we provide.

Normal Goods by air Shipping from China

Xport can provide the competitive air freight based on our BSA(blocked space agreement) price with airlines, we can choose the best airline service for the client’s required transit time.

Out of Gauge Goods by Air Shipping from China

For some large size or overweight shipment goods, Xport has rich experience to operate by air, meanwhile, we can provide the best solution and good price for customers.

Hazardous Goods by Air Shipping from China

Besides normal goods, there are many Hazardous goods need the air service in the logistics market,actually, it is difficult to handle, but Xport has enough experience and confidence to operate the Hazardous goods by air shipping from China.

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