About Us


Is a industry leading formulator and manufacturer of cosmetic products and essentials oils with scientific proven methods. With industry experts during product development process, we’ve more than 1500 custom formulations. We are serving over 200 clients in 15 countries. Our manufacturing facilities are located in North Delhi.

Krogl essentials Pvt ltd

Manufacturing Facilities 

Our secure manufacturing facility is located on site in our 40000 square foot headquarters. Our facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, FDA-registered, and we stringently adhere to all GMP standards during formulation, production, and post product processes. Our formulas are mixed in our modern stainless steel mixers capable of both hot and cold mixing processes as well as accommodating a vast array of formulations, viscosities, and particles sizes. Our highly qualified manufacturing team has a history of proven successes to help you build your line of skincare products.