Hello, I am saksham agarwal, I study at Wheaton College Massachusetts and my major is business and management.

About Me

Hello, I am saksham agarwal, I study at Wheaton College Massachusetts and my major is business and management.







Wheaton College Achievements

July 2020 - Present

Treasurer, Programming Activities Council

• Handled all the finances for the club (A budget of $100,000) • Assisted in organizing events happening every week

September 2020 - Present

Member, Wallace Library Student Advisory Board

• Gave recommendations in making the library more student-focused and accessible

February 2020

Member, Student Leader Awards Committee

• Selected student leaders on campus in over 20 categories • Reviewed approx. 80+ applications for student leaders on campus • Received nomination from faculty to serve on the committee

August 2019 – May 2020

Secretary, Inter cultural Board

• Organized 5 events to promote diversity and inclusivity on campus • Handled all the clubs emails and member questions

August – December 2019

Artifacts, Entrepreneurship Project

• Started an on campus retail business selling Indian earrings and paintings • Achieved a net profit of approx. $300 and donated it to a charity

October 2019 – May 2020

Mentor, Jio Vichaar Entrepreneurship Challenge

• Mentored 15 students through an entrepreneurship course • Assisted young entrepreneurs in developing an actionable business plan

November 2019 – May 2020

Member, Global Leaders Development Program

• Managed food logistics for an international cultural event at Wheaton College • Attended discussion forums happening through the year on world news and issues


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