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What is a mobile spy software?

A mobile spy software is a technology which helps in keeping a track of the subject’s activities on their mobile phone. It tracks their calls, text messages, emails and everything that goes out (outgoing) and comes in (incoming).

All India Detective is a private detective agency that uses mobile spy software as one of its prime technologies to conduct various investigations. We cover over 16 kinds of investigations which require high attention to detail like teenage monitoring, surveillance investigation, sting operations and many more.

A mobile spy software helps us in determining the exact activities of the subject, whatever they do on their mobile phones, is properly tracked end to end. And we make sure that this tracking software gives us the complete information about the subject. We use certain mobile spy software which are legal and working in the industry since decades, thereby ensuring that our clients get the best results.


What will you get from a mobile spy software??

A mobile spy software will provide you with the following data about the subject:

  • Call details including recordings for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Text messages that are sent and received.
  • Data that is exchanged between them and other people.
  • Their internet history.
  • The things that they do on their mobile phone

If you think to yourself about the following things, then a mobile spy software could help you make your life easier:

“Is my husband having an affair with his colleague at work?”

“Is my teenage son taking drugs in school?”

“The company is facing data corruption issues, could it be someone from within the company?

These are the questions which constantly run in our minds, people often face problems in their professional and personal lives. There are times when you might even feel hopeless and helpless.

Mobile spy software is a kind of an investigation technique that you need if you want to find out about a person in depth. Technology has brought the most wonderful things for us humans, but at the same time it has disrupted many things.

We watch news shows discussing how all the terrorist attacks were planted through mobile phones, how a woman brutally murdered his husband after planning it all with her lover over the phone. Mobiles can sometimes come more as a disadvantage to the common people than being helpful.


How can a mobile spy software help you?

Have you ever seen your partner act a little different when you are around their phone? Even when you are not even touching it, they kind of get anxious and all worried. Did you ever suspect that something could be wrong or they might be hiding things from you?

This is exactly why you should opt for a mobile spy software which enables you to track their activities on their mobile. There are many more reasons why you should consider choosing a mobile spy software.

Here is a comprehensive list of how a mobile spy software can help you:

  • If you are married and your partner has been acting weird lately, you can hire an investigator to track their movements, especially their mobile phones. Since many people cannot afford to give a lot of time in real life to their affairs but somehow manage it over the phone, you should make sure your partner is not cheating on you.
  • If you just got engaged, you can do a pre-matrimonial investigation along with a mobile spy software which will enable you to know everything about your fiancé. People lie many times about their past relationships and continue having affairs even after getting engaged.
  • If you are a parent who has a teenager son or a daughter, you should keep a check on their day-to-day activities. Teenagers get influenced easily, they tend to forget even the basic morals and values that you and their teachers teach them in schools and colleges.
  • If you own a company, you can track your employees activities so that you are aware if they are leaking out any confidential data out of the company without your permission.
  • If you are an NGO/organization, you can keep a check on your partners and volunteers to keep a track of the donations and funding that comes in. Many times people gamble with the money that are given to organizations or NGO’s.
  • If you are an individual who wants to perform a mobile spy investigation on someone who has caused harm to you in any manner or has threatened you regarding something, you should hire a private investigator to do the job.

This is how a mobile spy software can help you, it has a great significance when it comes to recording and tracking. All India Detective is a private detective agency based out of Delhi that functions in every corner of the nation. We have even worked with our overseas clients to get them rid of the toxic people in their lives. Having an experience of about a decade in the industry we can say that mobile spy software works the best in surveillance monitoring.


Why should you choose a private detective agency for mobile spying?

You might be wondering that if a mobile spy software is so good, why can’t you do it on your own?

At last, it is just a software!

Well, things seem really easy from a far-away corner, but they are pretty complicated when up close.

A mobile spy software investigation needs a thorough research and go-to plan chalked out before beginning with the investigation.

Our private detectives are skilled and qualified people with an amazing analytical and reasoning skill set that helps them plan out an investigation properly. Not only does this make them stand out from the crowd, but they also undergo specific training to become an investigator.

We teach all tactics and information about how investigations are conducted, how one can hide their own identity and walk along the subject step by step, how you can befriend the subject confidently and get information out of them quickly since every case is done at a fast track speed.


What if you try to conduct a mobile spy investigation by yourself and get caught?

It is not illegal to do so, but one can always lose their temperament and things might go beyond your control? What would you do then? It is always better to be on the safer side, go for professional services since hiring a private investigator for a mobile spy investigation needs a lot of technical help.

  • We have extremely well-versed coders and developers working hard to create software and modify them according to the needs of our clients.
  • We have full control over the mobile spy software.
  • The data is continuously updated on our systems which is then put on papers for the documentation of the case.
  • Media and audio files are also kept in tapes and given to the client in the end of the investigation.
  • Proper updates are given at a continuous frequency to the clients regarding the investigation.

Hiring a private investigator for a mobile spy investigation is an apt solution to get the desired results. Finding the truth is our utmost priority and we take the necessary steps in order to get out every piece of information form the subject.


What is the procedure for mobile spying?

The procedure for mobile spying begins with the simple installation of specific apps on the subject’s phone. Now there are multiple ways how we can install it on the subject’s phone without them making suspicious or doubtful.

  • We could send in an investigator as an undercover agent, once they have become friends with the suspect, we can ask them to install the app on their mobile. Our agents are smart enough to give them a fake but valid sounding reason to download the app. For example, we sent an undercover agent and after a week or so, our agent advised the suspect to download an app saying it gives cashback offers on recharges.
  • If our clients have close relationship with the subject, we ask them to install the software or give us the details about the phone and sim number.
  • We can track every call and text message via our tracking devices. We have a handful of talented hackers who can hack into mobile phones and laptops, thereby exposing people.
  • Once we have the software in place and running, we record the data, store it and then give it to our client.

We have caught most of the subjects red handed in a mobile spy investigation. It becomes devastating to see how people cheat on their partners, lie to their parents and get involved into illegal activities or cause major declines in the sales of their own company.


How do we ensure that the subject does not know about the mobile spy investigation?

The apps that we use are either too familiar looking to regular apps or they are stored in such high root directories, that the user will never be able to find it. We make sure that we complete our investigations with privacy protocols properly in place to complete an end-to-end investigation.

This way the subject never really comes to know about the app or the software which runs in the background of the phone. They can’t even tell a difference while they use their mobile phones, it functions normally, just as it would without the software.

The only difference is that we keep a track of every single thing that they do on their phone and record it once the software is being run on their mobile phones.

If you think that tracking through internet seems like an unbelievable idea, you should consider hiring our private investigators for a mobile spy software investigation.


Still can’t decide if you need a mobile spy investigation?

After seeing how the world has changed over the last decade, there is a need of assurance and trust in every relationship. Nothing works without trust and faith.

Some people just do not find the courage to get up and fight for their rights. They know that they are getting cheated on and lied to. But they still sit tight and do not take any actions. This makes them more and more weak over time, leaving them completely drained by their toxic relationship.

The younger generation is going bad to worse with high dosage of alcohol, weed, cocaine, heroin and other drugs. Parents try their best to keep a check on their children but the more they try, the more they fail. Kids become rebellious as they grow up, they hardly listen to their parents, all that matters to them are their friends.

Teenager girls are getting pregnant. Young girls are so scared of their parents that they take the wrong paths of abortion and either end up dying by excessive bleeding or just getting an infection for a lifetime leaving them unhealthy forever.

Young boys are gambling and betting on cricket matches. This is also one of the reasons you should consider if you suspect that your kid or maybe some one you know does gambling of money. Remember that India is a country with some strong disciplines and rules, such activities are illegal in our country and are banned completely.

Companies are falling down because of their workers leaking out confidential data and corrupting the reputation of the company. It requires only one person to take down a whole company in just days.

If you feel that you have been suffering from any of the aforementioned cases or you want to talk to us regarding a mobile spy software investigation, feel free to reach out to us via our contact number or email. You can also come by our office, once we have the details of the subject, we can begin with an investigation as soon as possible.