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In the earlier time majority of arranged marriages in India were done via middlemen or mediators who most of the time was a relative having enough information about both parties.

But today with an increase in online matrimony sites in India, relationships are born in cyber space. Moral & ethnic values of wedding have been degraded by infidelity itself. With the booming cases of forgery & blatant cheating in the name of marriage in India, there is no surprise that you need to keep enquiry of every details of your future bride or groom. Within just few meetings you cannot build a trust to spend a whole life together. So to get rid of this ambiguity and insecurity, Probe Services come into play to clear the doubt in your mind. The purpose of background check is to verify the authenticity of the claims made by an individual & to establish the genuineness of characters & identity.

Establishing identity is the first critical step in the pre – matrimonial background investigation. The personal information in the bio data is required primarily for verifying that the applicant is who he / she claim to be. Age is just a number but it is completely wrong to fake it. Especially with marriage portals, people are bound to fake their age

Family Background

Details on family members, their general character and occupation/ status/ their general character & involvement into any serious anti social/ illegal activity, social reputation, attitude of potential mother-in-law. Divorce or separation history in the family. Type of relationship subject has with father, mother, brothers, sisters & other family members & relatives.

Financial Status of the Family

What is the financial status associated with the family. Property/ land/ house owned, condition of property, type of vehicles operated by household members, income sources of the family, history of not meeting financial obligations, consistent spending beyond one’s mean which may be indicated by excessive indebtness, heavy & irresponsible borrowing in terms of Bank loan, mortgage, debts, etc. Unexplained affluences as shown by a life style or standard of living,increase in net worth or money transfers that cannot be explained by family’s known legal source of income. Financial problems that are linked to Drug abuse, alcoholism, gambling or other issues of security concern.

Sexual Behaviors

Sexual behaviors of a criminal nature, whether or not the individual has been prosecuted, a pattern of compulsive, self destructive or high risk sexual behavior that the person is unable to stop or that may be symptomatic of a personality disorder, sexual behavior that causes individual to be vulnerable to coercion, exploitation or duress, sexual behavior of public nature and or that which reflects lack of discretion in judgment.

Medical Status

Check for any concerning health issue an individual mayhave, history of prolong illness, serious operation, chronic or hereditary illness with family.

Psychological Conditions

History of mental / psychiatric problem with subject or with family members.Certain emotional, mental & personality condition can impair Judgment reliability or trustworthiness.

Character & Affairs

Premarital status- bachelor/ divorce/ separated/ in relationship/ others. Past/ Present affair, nature of affair – Love affair/ extra marital affair, duration of affair, place of affair, moral character.

Drink/Drug Abuse

Alcohol related incidents such as driving under the influence, fighting, people abuse, disturbing the peace or other incidence of concern, alcohol related incidents at work, such as reporting for work or duty in an intoxicated or impaired condition, habitual or binge consumption of alcohol to the point of impaired judgment.

Neighbour Reference

Makes friends easily, family life good or bad, behavior under stress, could be trusted with confidential matters, does the subject gossip, conduct at parties, become upset or loose temper, mood swings, displays bias or prejudice toward any racial ethnic or religious group, is subject generous person, willing to do things for others even at his own inconveniences, abuse children or pets, frequent parties at residence, ever demonstrated unusual or bizarre behavior, type of friend circle.

Club, group, association membership

General purpose of organization,how active subject is in the organization, reputation of organization in the community, any history of illegal or questionable activities or intentions subject’s reputation within the organization, reason or motive for joining, political affiliation.

Social media investigation

The internet is a great resource when it comes to verifying background information & conducting checks. Twitter, face book, Google search, Google map, LinkedIn can help in finding genuinity of a person, his / her life style, pervious relationships, the likes,friend circle or any suspicious activity on the social circle.

Criminal Record Checks

Allegation or admission of criminal conduct regardless of whether the person was formally charged, prosecuted or convicted, ever been source of complain, reported as missing/ absconding person, women cell case acquaintance with police.

Second Marriage Case

Reasons for divorce/ separation, period of divorce/ separation, alimony or child support. Divorce records are public documents which can be easily accessed. About 40% of the second marriage people scrutinized have been very dishonest about their life & work.

Employment Background Investigation

Major discrepancy in designation / remuneration / in period of employment/ total employment experience. Not an employee of the company . Negative feedback on candidates character or integrity or honesty. Negative feedback on job performance co-operation, work habits, personal or domestic problem interfering with the work . Reasons for leaving whether termination, resignation; discharge asked to leave, circumstances related for separation. Strength & weakness of applicants. The candidate claims to have worked for a company which is found to be a suspicious or possibly a fake company, etc.