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Pre-Matrimonial Investigations

How private detective agents carry out pre-matrimonial investigations?

Long back there used to be lengthy pre-matrimonial investigations where a single detective will investigate the entire case with the help of only one assistant. Such type of investigations will take a long time sometimes even a month. In tough situation you won’t even get the result since it is tough for the one man army to put all the things together. However, today the pre-matrimonial investigation is highly scientific and well researched. Today in this pre-matrimonial investigation, several experts work together on single assignment and the results they obtain are highly accurate. This helps you to leverage on unique expertise to solve the case.

Need for pre-matrimonial investigations

Today the whole scenario of matrimony has been completely changed. Online dating may be one of the reasons. In online dating, the couples can interact with each other between cities, states and countries. That’s where the need for pre-matrimonial investigations arises. It has almost become the need of the hour. This is because you only know how much of information is presented before you to lure you. This can give you tough time in the future.

If you really want to know the sure of past of your would-be, behavior, character and real financial status then you really need the help of private detective agency. Since the background details of your would-be is highly important for you to have a secure life. Parents will always look into the past of your chosen life partner. You can never be sure of your chosen life partner and the past relationship of your would be. Hence it is a must to conduct pre-matrimonial investigations to ensure that you have chosen the right life partner. Thereby you can reach an agreement without doubt.

How pre-matrimonial investigations works?

To begin the pre-matrimonial investigations, you have to approach a professional detective agency with strong grounds on carrying out the investigation. They will enquire you about the person’s name, contact address and number, photograph and your relationship with him/her. You have to make sure that you provide as much as information as possible and also have to provide additional information thereby it will be easy for them to solve the issue. You can provide details like contact number, email id, vehicle number, employ summary, Face book profiles etc., On the contrary, if you don’t have any personal information, then it is not a problem. Just give them the central details and the private detective will take additional effort to find out the information.

The investigation process takes place in a circumspect approach and at any cost the client’s particulars are not delivered. The investigation protocol involves a mix of actions, annotations, investigation, social media scrutiny etc., the private detectives are specialists and hence they don’t directly get in touch with the person’s relatives or associates. These inhabitants may have a wrong judgment and their input might lead you in a different direction. As a result, you won’t get accurate conclusion about the person whether to get married or not. At any point the suspect should not come to know about your individuality. It must remain anonymous. It is a promise given by the pre-matrimonial investigations that they will protect the individuality of the customer and keep the information undamaged and in safety.

Any person must know the important aspects of pre-marriage including

  1. Family background check
  2. Character Verification
  3. Financial Status
  4. Social Status
  5. Local Image in the area
  6. Image among the colleagues
  7. Habits
  8. Earlier Marriage, if any
  9. Daily Routine

Background Checks (Online Dating)

Given below are some of the reasons for which the people have to do the background checks.

Financial Status

Many times people may list their professional and financial status larger than what they earn. Sometimes the families without confirming the income and the assets accept for the marriage. Later on they will come to know that person has lots of debts and loans to repay.

Past Relationships

Past Relationships are one of the top reasons for conducting a pre-matrimonial check. You might never know about his past relationship unless he himself reveals the truth. There are so many cases where he has had affairs with multiple women but his matrimonial account has different information.


Get to know about the person’s lifestyle is very important for the other person and his/her families. By just looking and meeting a few minutes, you cannot understand the lifestyle, nature and behavior. Since what we know and what we really are might not be the same. The information provided by one party may be convincing enough but closer investigation often reveal the person’s true nature. Only by the investigation process we can come to know about the other person’s habits, his social circles, major health issues and criminal history etc.,