Bestowed Biz Consultants (BBC) is a marketing Organization promoting the sale of process equipment and associated services sourced domestically as well as from abroad for the Indian Fertilizer, Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Power, Refining, Oil and Natural Gas Industry.

Our Firm was formed just a year ago, in 2015, by the people who have worked together as a team and have relevant experience, passion and determination to succeed. We can say that we have a combined experience of close to 30 years pertaining to the herein referred industry sectors in the form of workforce in the Organisation. The Promoters of our Firm, its Employees and Business Contacts have been associated with the herein mentioned industry sectors for more than three decades. People of our Core Team have served numerous domestic as well as overseas manufacturers of process equipment and providers of associated services based in countries like the USA, UK, Italy, Germany, China & Singapore and helped them to successfully market their products/ services in the Indian Market. Our people have built excellent rapport with the industry people at all levels over the years.

We at BBC are dreaming of growing big with initiatives that will change the very facet of our operation. However, in the process, we intend to retain our values and practices in tune with the market's requirements.

We people have been there and have done that. The activities have just been re-initiated under the banner of a new business entity. Come and explore the Indian Market with the moving force!